The course runs as a nine-month (38 week) block-intake programme, and is full time; from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm, Monday to Friday. We have found that this timetable works extremely well for adults with dyslexia as the information they are receiving is always being reinforced on a continual basis.

FETEC Level 3

We offer a FETEC Level 3 Major Award in Employability Skills. Modules covered are as follows:

We also Cover

We also cover the following:

  • Induction
  • Communication Skills
  • Microsoft Word
  • Internet
  • Career Preparation
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Work Experience
  • Maths
  • Literacy Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Interview Techniques
  • Computer Literacy
  • Life Long Learning Strategies
  • Dyslexia Awareness
  • Safety Awareness

Aim of the Course

To develop the skills, knowledge, and experience of adults with dyslexia a standard to enable them to enter the labor force.

Students’ Feedback

I never thought I would enter college and qualify in any career but I am about to finish my first year in Maynooth College studying counselling.  When I started in Career Paths I was so insecure that thoughts of college were overwhelming but the course prepared me for college.  They taught me how to trust in myself and I became very aware of my abilities through spelling, reading, writing and projects, which I loved.  Before I knew it I was prepared for college.  Thank you all so much.


I enjoyed being on the course because we had a laugh, as well as learning in different ways.  One of the things I learnt was how to present PowerPoint presentations (in front of 35 people!).  Thanks to the teachers Sheila and Margaret for helping me with that.  Then in the afternoon we had Tracey for computers.  We had a laugh with her as well as getting our work done.  We had Mary for personal development; she showed us how to lay out a CV and other stuff.

It’s a great course to be on.  You can learn things from the other people on the course as well as learning from the staff.


When I started at Career Paths I was not able to spell or write.  I did not have a clue about vowels or consonants.  They soon put that right; they helped me with building up my confidence.  They taught me how to use the computer, do interviews, use PowerPoint and Email.  The staff and teachers were always at hand to help.  I know I am a better person because of all the help I got and I will be a much more confident person in the work force.


If I could just make one recommendation in my life it would have to be Career Paths. It’s a course I have just finished and it’s for people with Dyslexia.

The tutors are very helpful and it’s not like school.  It was a big relief to know there was help out there.


It was very daunting for me starting Career Paths, but the best thing I have EVER done.

I know I could never have moved forward in my education if it wasn’t for Career Paths, all of this is not possible without hard dedication. Career Paths gives you such confidence; I know I can do whatever I want!!!!! I just started a course in Health Support Care. It’s so interesting.


I would recommend the course ‘The Career Paths for Dyslexia’, to anyone who is struggling to overcome the difficulties caused by their dyslexia.

I was on the course for 9 months. When I started the course I was a very poor speller and a below average reader. With very good teaching and hard work, I left the course with the confidence to go to college and study engineering.


I personally would recommend this course for dyslexic people as it has helped me greatly in my spelling, reading and confidence. The teachers here teach in different styles to regular schools. They teach in a style more effective for dyslexic people. I found it different in school. I feel now I can go on to college and achieve what I want thanks to this course.  


I think that doing the Dyslexic Course was one of the best decisions I ever made. It was good for helping me to deal with spelling and grammar. The improvement in my reading and spelling also helped with my confidence. It doesn’t seem like school or a course, more of a friendly atmosphere instead.


This course is a jewel in the crown. If you are an adult with dyslexia you should look at getting a place on this course. There is a long waiting list so now is the time to act. Details can be found on the FÁS web page or ring the centre and leave a message and they will get back to you.


How much my life has changed since I attended “Career Path” course.

I am a middle age lady who decided to seek help for my dyslexia. Some say why bother, have you not managed up till now. They really didn’t know how doing this course was so important to me. I had to see if I was really as stupid as my teachers made out when I was going to school.

I started in Celbridge in early 2010 and later moved to Leixlip. I found it very difficult to settle in. With the kind, gentle, and encouraging approach from all of the tutors, I started to relax.

The day that was the most important to me on the course was, my life-saving tutor, Sheila spoke about different learning styles. From this, I began to see my own learning style. I shed a silent tear and thought, why could my teachers in school not have known this years ago and not wasted all my time, but I can’t look back, I will always accept it, I will always be dyslexic. With the help and tools, I have learned, I know what my limits are and how to overcome my difficulties with literature. I will be always indebted to Career Paths, they gave me back my independence. Not always being in the background, being the doormat for others. They made me think that I am as important as anyone else in this world, as I am in this world for a reason and I have so much to offer

.I am a very proud Dyslexic person going forward with my life thanks to Career Paths.


How to Apply

If you would like to apply for The Career Paths For Dyslexia Course you can apply by doing the following:

  1. Go to your Local INTREO office and quote course code LW1AT58F
  2. Call the The Career Paths Centre at (01) 606 0009
  3. CallDyslexia Association of Ireland at (01) 877 6001