Packages we offer

1. Domain Name for example
2. We own Irish host and therefore ensuring that we get you the best hosting deals visit
3. Using the very best web design software ie, Dreamweaver cs6, Illustrator cs6, and Photoshop cs6 and WordPress Etc…
4. choosing your email address ie (we can help set you up with email account)
5. We also look at internet marking keywords to ensure that your website is on the first few pages on Google or any search engine (Note: this may take a few months to see the search engine results)

What we do

At Alby Digital, we provide a quality of web and graphic designs. We also offer print designs like banners, business cards and much more. Understanding that some of our customers do not understand the jargon we explain your web design simple. There is No Jargon. Instead, we give our clients the very best we can design.

Our on-going Services

1. Adding Fresh content provided by the client.
2. Updating site or revamping site.
3. Testing site on different browsers.
4. Maintaining site.

5. Online marketing, this means getting your site submitted to search engines, keywords, etc.
6. We also provide CMS (Content Management System) this means the Client can change web content, without uploading the whole webpage.

Why have a site?

When you run a company you want the very best chance to succeed, there are different ways to do this.
1. Advertise your business in the newspaper.
2. Advertising on the radio is a good way to get your company noticed, but the two ways do not indicate the products that you are selling.
3. Social networks like Linkedin, Facebook, etc..
If you display your web address on your business card or outside the premises people will remember it. If they are interested they will access the site giving them a better idea of what the company is about.