Whether you want to create sophisticated websites or simple applications, Python comes with the right set of tools to develop brilliant websites or applications. But, if you want Python applications to work at their best, you need a Python web hosting platform. These platforms are specially designed to offer the right amount of support and services Python applications need.

If you host a Python app incorrectly, you will end up losing your valuable time, performance, project growth and effort. A decent Python hosting provider will also ensure you better throughput and availability. So, choosing a reliable and secure platform is a necessity.What are the Benefits of Using Python Web Hosting Platforms?

Python web hosting platforms ensure the excellent performance of Python-based applications. Here are a few reasons behind it.Python interpreter

Being a server-side scripting language, Python needs a medium to interact with the server. An expert Python web hosting solution provides a Python interpreter that helps you match the specific version of Python you’re using and load Python-based applications upon user requests.Support for latest versions

Python web hosting supports popular Python frameworks like Django, Web2py and Pylon. It offers the flexibility to run the programs built on the framework of your choice. They also let you call a wide variety of Python libraries and enable picking up web editing anywhere. Besides, they strongly support integration with multiple languages and tools.Reliability and security

All reputed Python web hosting providers guarantee 99.95% uptime. Moreover, they will protect your site from varieties of cyber threats such as malware and phishing campaigns.Better tech support

You can expect good tech support and ample documentation that will help you run your Python application the way you want. The best Python hosts employ an expert and experienced team of professionals who understand the Python language’s nuances.  What Factors Make a Good Python Web Hosting Platform?

A reliable and secure platform will save you from all the frustration of losing time and effort due to a poor-performing site. Here is a list of factors you should be looking at when deciding to weed out a python web hosting platform.Horizontal and vertical scaling

Every application varies in requirements of resources like RAM and CPU. A good hosting provider will help you choose between horizontal scaling and vertical scaling, based on the type of application you have. As a result, you don’t waste time continuously making load-related adjustments. Data backup

Another significant factor you should never ignore is data backup. An unexpected scenario can lead to data loss, impacting your application’s performance. A timely backup feature in the hosting plan will ensure that you never lose your data.  Security of application/code

Web applications are highly vulnerable to cyber threats. So, keeping your codes secure is a challenge. A good Python web hosting provider will safeguard your site by forming a global defense network to counteract online threats and boost site performance. Many of them apply security layers like account isolation, a free SSL certificate, Brute Force Protection, web app firewall, malware detection and removal as well as DDoS detection and removal.Price for value

All hosting providers have different plans at different prices, comprising unique features to suit individual users. While they all might look lucrative, not all service providers make the plan cost-effective for you. Compare the pricing of providers to get the best plan available. Also, check if any hidden charges are not straightforward. Customer support

Good customer support indicates a caring hosting provider. Instant support helps you keep your site going and improve uptime. Support could be in the form of chat, telephone, or message, but they must be able to respond to your issues at the earliest.  The Best Python Web Hosting Platform

Based on the above factors, we have narrowed down the options available in the market and prepared the following list of the best Python web hosting services.1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the fastest and polished Python hosting solutions in the world. Its plans are the best for those looking for 99.99% uptime.

SwiftServer technologies powers the hosting solution that boosts the page loading speed up to 20 times faster. It also offers extensive documentation, which helps you to put it to use in real-world situations. And, you are free to choose the server location closest to your target market.

A2 Hosting charges extra if you decide to downgrade your plan, which is one of its downsides.

Its plan starts from $10.99 per month. The same plan will cost you $6.99 per month on a yearly subscription. If you choose a 3-year subscription, it will cost you $2.99 per month.2. SiteGround

SiteGround introduces itself as a provider of high-quality and well-crafted hosting solutions. It offers better options for e-commerce sites, large and complex corporate websites and bloggers.

Its quick server performance is one of the most recognized features of SiteGround. Also, its uptime is brow-raising near 100%. Besides, you can create unlimited databases and email accounts. SiteGround’s top-notch customer service can resolve any issues at the earliest.

SiteGround, however, has limited data storage and a steep price for dedicated IP.

Its basic price starts at $6.99 per month.3. Bluehost

Bluehost offers loads of different hosting-related products. It is best suited for small to medium projects.

Despite not guaranteeing a minimum uptime service level agreement (SLA), it offers solid uptime. Moreover, its shared hosting plans have a minimum of 50GB in the basic plan and unlimited storage in the higher plans. Also, it doesn’t limit the bandwidth on your website.

Though its new subscription plan is lucrative, the plan auto-renews at a regular price, which is more than double the introductory price.

The subscription plans at Bluehost start from $2.75 per month.4. Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the most popular Python web hosting providers known to offer unlimited storage and database. It offers beginner-friendly shared Python web hosting.

It offers seven data centers worldwide — the highest number of data centers than other providers on this list. With these many data centers, it can ensure fast website loading speed. You also get many free services, such as SSL and professional business emails.

Its drawback? A daily backup is available only in the top plan.

Its basic plan starts from $0.99 per month. The same plan will cost $2.99 per month when you renew.  5. Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting is known to provide the best uptime among its competition. It is best suited to small and medium-sized businesses.

It has a commendable record of 99.99% uptime and keeping sites functional all the time. You may also like its attractive features like unlimited email accounts, 24/7 live support and free SSL. Unlike others providers on this list, Inmotion Hosting offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

An Inmotion criticism is the time it takes to set up an account. Its verification process takes around 24 hours.

Its plan starts from $19.99 per month. However, if you choose the yearly plan, the price drops to $15.99 per month.

Python hosting solutions offer a preconfigured Python software environment to help you code and run Python applications seamlessly on the web. Plus, you get all the resources to run your python code without a hitch. Choosing a decent hosting platform will give your application the power to achieve your business goals and get you an exceptional experience. 

Your needs should propel your choice rather than the offers from the hosting providers. There is nothing as frustrating as getting a hosting plan and later discovering that it fails to provide the most basic hosting service you would expect from a hosting solution. So, use the trial or free versions that these providers offer. 

Get a good feel for the hosting solution and make sure that you aren’t buying something you don’t need.