Google SEO or Google search engine optimization are techniques which are used by websites in order to get better rankings within Google search engine. Google SEO is the most popular and widely used SEO around the world. Due to the fact Google receives 70% of all search queries it is important for all webmasters to target there SEO efforts at Google. Also Google search engine tends to be more of a commercial engine, which means the people who are searching are more likely to be consumers rather than just surfers.

Most of the webmasters look for better Google rankings for their clients or themselves as better Google ranking automatically means better exposure and increase in the sales of the product and services. These tools provide information regarding how sites are seen by the search engines and provide information regarding marketing campaigns. Google has recently updated its webmasters tools for better Google rankings and added some new settings. These include:

Preferred Domian is the Google SEO tool through which one can select how Google displays its domain name. This is a tool aimed at users more than enhancing your visibility. It could be that people search for your site by domain name, therefore choosing how you would like your domain name to be displayed is an important factor.

Geographic target is an excellent tool helping to give you preference for rankings in particular geographical locations. Usually your host’s location would decide this but now you can select it using Google webmaster tools. You can also enhance this affect by inputting a location in the footer of your website, helping Google to recognize where your geographically targeting.

Image search is another Google tool through which it tells the client whether images need to be included. This is done through Google image labeler.

Crawl rate gives you important information about how often Google crawls your site. It also tells you how much information is downloaded on a daily basis. This is great to know when writing fresh content as it means you know when you knew content is likely to get ranked.

A great tool to always keep an eye on is the top searchers tool, which shows your top ranking search phrases. This will help you enhance your campaign and focus in on new keyword areas. Use it discover new niche keywords and to see where your site ranks on different Google domains

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